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Since 2017 Abacus Soft BD Ltd has been working to create a new dimension of ICT life in the world. We have young strong team for developing any type of system based on web, desktop & mobile platform using upgraded programming language. All of our services continued with affordable price among the comparative market to our client. Also ensure to you, we don’t cross your timeline for any type of project. We will confirm your project from our Quality Assurance Team. We are able to full feel your demand. We have passed several years with Confidence & Integrity in ICT Industry. Our success comes from our customers’ success.

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6 Principles of Our Work

Abacus Soft BD is established in 2017 with a very Student and Customer agreeable condition. It offers thorough preparing programs just as Services (for example Search engine optimization, Web Development and Web Design, Digital Marketing, Domain/Web Hosting, Software administration/Hosted Software Video Editing Graphic Design and so on) on various IT Web parts with a solid base of constant mentors with demonstrated skill in differed innovation areas. We are focused on our administrations and wish to satisfy our customers and client request.

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Customer Focus

Making complete sense of consumer needs.


Working time specifications.

Continuous Improvement

Contract according to consumer demand.


Building up the project with experts.


Furnishing from both customer and developer’s perception.


Delivering the deal for customer use.

Our Process

  • 1. Customer Focus

    Customer focus helps us to improve our sales, business, and profits.

  • 2. Commitment.

    Our definition of selling is building customer commitment, whether that is with someone who is yet to be a buying customer or one with a long-standing relationship.

  • 3. Continuous Improvement

    People of all backgrounds have been struggling with the answer to this question for centuries, and for almost as long, marketing leaders have been pondering the secret to customer happiness.

  • 4. Culture

    Integrity, attitude, patients, partners, entrepreneur.

  • 5. Cooperation’s

    Humans are the only species to cooperate to the degree that we do, and this cooperation may have allowed for many other derived social traits related to group living to emerge, including generosity, sharing, teaching and learning, and shared intentionality.

  • 6. Control.

    Obtaining reliable information, being aware of the significance and uses of that information and developing your capacity to identify and resolve problems before they become deep-seated.